19 avril 2006

The cliffs of dooneen

A battre la campagne tourangelle avec mon micro en compagnie de l'association Ovals, cela m'a donné l'envie de ressortir mes vieux enregistrements. Vous trouverez donc régulièrement quelques morceaux dans la colonne de droite de ce blog, rangés sous la catégorie "Collectages".
On commence aujourd'hui avec trois chansons enregistrées dans le pub O'Flaherty (Ua Flaibeartaig) de Dingle (Co. Kerry) durant l'été 2004. "The cliffs of dooneen", "Dingle Bay" et "Farewell my green valleys" sont interprétées au chant et à la guitare par Fergus O'Flaherty (à gauche sur la photo), propriétaire du lieu et fils du célèbre joueur de bodhran.
Et pendant qu'on y est, voici les paroles :


You may travel far from your own native home
Far away o'er the mountains far away o'er the foam
But of all the fine places that I've ever been
There's none can compare with the cliffs of Dooneen
It's a nice place to be on a fine summer's day
Watching all the wild flowers that ne'er do decay
Oh the hare and the pheasant are plain to be seen
Making homes for their young round the cliffs of Dooneen
Take a view o'er the mountain fine sites you'll see there
Yes in a high rocky mountain in the west coast of Clair
Oh the towns of Kilkee and Kilrush can be seen
From the high rocky slopes round the cliffs of Dooneen
So fare thee well to Dooneen fare thee well for a while
And althoug we are parted by the ragin sea wild
Once again I will wander with my Irisjh colleen
Round the high rocky slopes of the cliffs of Dooneen


The sun was sinking oer the westward
The fleet is leaving Dingle shore
I watch the men row in their curraghs
As they mark the fishing grounds near Scellig Mor
All through the night men toil until the daybreak
while at home their wives and sweethearts kneel and pray
That God might guard them and protect them
and bring them safely back to Dingle Bay

I see the green Isle of Valencia
I mind the days around Lough Lein
The gannets swinging with abandon
As they watch the silver store that comes their way
I also see a ship on the horizon
She is sailing to a country far away
on board are exiles feeling lonely
As they wave a fond farewell to Dingle Bay

Now years have passed as I came homeward
And time has left me old and grey
I sit and muse about my childhood
And the happy times I spent near Dingle Bay
I see again the green isle of Valencia
And the Isle of Inishmore seems far away
And I'm always dreaming of my childhood
And the happy days I spent near Dingle Bay


The seagulls are calling and the wind is in the sails
And she's fast moving over the sea
On a ship bound for St. John three thousand miles away
A human cargo my comrades and me

Farewell my green valleys god keep you the same
If in only my mind you'll be
I'm sailing dark waters to far America
Never more my green valley I'll see

It hurts me to think of the things I left behind
And the famine has blackened our land
And to look now for something that I might never find
Is a problem that now is at hand


There's a fever a raging and the wind has died away
And the journey can no longer be
And the plague is a shadow that lingers night and day
For more thoughts of green valleys I'll see

Chorus Twice

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