16 décembre 2007

Emission du 16 décembre

Forzh Penaos - Allez... gavotte ! - 5 Den - Bidoc'hig.
Jean Baron - Anne Auffret - Christian Anneix - Berjelenn- Voici la Saint-Jean.
Bivoac - En concert- Succulences.
Le Cd n'est disponible que sur leur site : www.bivoac.net
Jean Baron - Anne Auffret - Christian Anneix - Berjelenn- La fille changée en cane.
Alan Stivell - Master série- Pop plinn.
Nolwenn Korbell - Red- Sant ma fardon.
Katell - Katel dit Glenmor- Les yeux qui brillent.
Agenda : Hervé Lesvenan - Ars'Ys - Promenade en 3 mouvements.
Jean-Louis Le Vallégant - Patrick Lefebvre - Swing noz- Je suis lassée d'être jeune fille.
Wig a Wag - Wig a Wag- Babylone Kêr-Is.
Jacques Pellen - Lament for the children- Naer vor.
Bagad Cap Caval - Brezhoneg 'raok- Brezhoneg 'raok.
Red Cardell - Sans fard- Stop speak french.
Duncan MacGillivray and The Battlefield Band - There's a buzz- Tending the Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife.
Fiddlers Five - Fiddlers 5- The Silver Spire / The Glass Of Beer / The Gravel Walk.
Brian McNeill - Unstrung Hero- The Butterfly Chain.
Alison Kinnaird - The Silver String- The Batell of Harloe/ The March of Donald, Lord of the Isles to the Battle of Harlaw.
The Battlefield Band - New Spring- Miss Sarah MacManus/The Appropriate Dipstick/Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to Shetland.
Brian McNeill - The busker- The Sidewalk Reels: Cold Frosty Morning/Yankee Dollar/The Trip to Marblehead.
Arthur Cormack - inédit (unpublished track)- Nach Gòrach Mi Gad Chaoineadh.
Máire Ní Chathasaigh - The new strung harp- Charles O'Conor/Father Hanly.
Seamus Tansey - Easter snow- Tribute To Peggy McGrath/John McKenna's Jig.
Eilidh Mackenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd- I Hulraibh O Chan Eil Mi Slan.
Scott Skinner And Aladair White And Pat Kilbride - The Portraits And The Music- Sean Trews/The Bungalow/Miss Shepherd.
Mac-Talla - ... Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol- Seann Oran Seilge.
The Heritage - Tell Tae Me- Tell Tae Me.
Gordon & Barbara Mooney.

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